Who We Are

The Reno Video Game Symphony educates its members and the community about the artistic integrity of video games, while providing an inclusive social environment where all people feel safe and heard.

To accomplish this goal we:

  • encourage the growth of our members by offering challenging musical arrangements and unique musical opportunities
  • perform music from video games of all styles, genres, and eras
  • welcome people regardless of background or talent
  • provide safe and entertaining events for our members and the community

Board Members



Symphonic Orchestra

Conductor and Director – Sym Schuler


Sym is a founding member and director of the Symphonic Orchestra.

The Reno Video Game Symphonic Orchestra is the program’s largest ensemble and is open to almost any instrument willing to play. The ensemble plays music that focuses on playing a broad range of orchestral arrangements from video games that are both mainstream and hidden gems. Music is chosen to display and highlight the many beautiful pieces found in video games.

Incidental Orchestra

Conductor and Director – William Caglia


Previously known as the Bigger Band, this group was originally created with the intention of becoming the RVGS’ new jazz ensemble. However, as more unique and diverse arrangements started making their way into the groups repertoire, it (incidentally) became more like a second orchestra. Today, the Incidental Orchestra prides itself on performing a wide range of popular music spanning all genres, without adhering to any sort of traditional set list. Our primary goal is to provide entertainment for both our musicians and the audience no matter what their tastes may be, so whether it’s fast and upbeat, or slow and melodic there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

What We Do

For a detailed overview of our operations, check out our constitution!


Minutes are not available yet.