Founded in 2011

The Reno Video Game Symphony had its first rehearsal in August of 2011 in the apartment of co-founders Elizabeth and Symberly Schuler where they first met Kevin Fredericks. Soon, three people turned to four, then five, and so on. Eventually, the group got too large (and noisy) to gather in the apartment, so RVGS had to move to something bigger — the University of Nevada, Reno — moving from classroom to classroom. You’ll find the Symphony rehearsing there to this day!

What does playing music from videogames mean? Well, the Symphony program has a handful of musicians and volunteers who step up and arrange the music found playing in the background of video games!

Why video game music? What’s wrong with “classical” music? Nothing is wrong with classical music — in fact, so many video game songs find their roots in classical literature! The Symphony’s hope is not only to get younger musicians interested in playing music (we’re playing music from video games, after all!), but also to engage the gaming community in the wonderful art of making music and show the non-gaming community just what kind of beauty hides in games!

We play music from videogames

An organization for everyone

The Reno Video Game Symphony doesn’t discriminate in any way, including skill level. That’s right; everyone is welcome to join RVGS, whether you’re a professional gigging bassist or a middle school student playing trumpet in your school band! There is a place for you, and our community is ready to welcome you with open arms.

What if you don’t play music? You’re still an “everyone”! You’re welcome to join us in our endeavor to make not only Reno, but the entire West Coast, a better place! There are countless things required to make a nonprofit run, let alone an entire music program with two orchestras as well as several small ensembles, so RVGS guarantees there is something you can do to help! Simply contact us to participate!

If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you realize that we’re an open organization looking for more wonderful people to fill our chairs. Contact us today to get involved, dust off your old violin, and come play!

Always looking for musicians!

Nevada non-profit business

In the state of Nevada, the Reno Video Game Symphony is registered as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization.